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EVENT – Honing Handover

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As part of the the publication of the 2014 Plan of Work, the RIBA has commissioned a series of supporting books on both the various stages as well as the cross-cutting themes that span the various the stages.

Lisa Ann Pasquale (of Six Cylinder Limited) has been commissioned to author the Stage 6 Guide for Handover and Close out. Lisa is a GHA member, and building performance evaluator with experience evaluating domestic, non-domestic and retrofit projects. The aim of the guide is to help drive best practice more deeply through the industry and aid the professions and the industry in delivering fundamentally better buildings and services to their clients.

Handover is a commonly neglected phase of delivery which is often rushed, disorganised, and supported with poorly defined roles on all sides of a project. We’d like to ask the Good Homes Alliance community with help in contributing their expertise and experience to the book to help close the performance gap at Handover. Lisa would like to invite you to participate in a facilitated discussion on Wednesday, 25th February about:

  • best-practice in Handover
  • how the industry can adapt to do a better job at serving clients in this stage of the project
  • what tasks should be who’s responsibility at each stage of the project with respect to handover
  • how should product suppliers fit into the handover process
  • commissioning issues and their management
  • good, bad and ugly experiences with building handovers, from the GHA community’s perspective

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The notes from the discussion will be made available for the GHA community and will contribute to the book’s content. There will be an opportunity to contribute credited 200-300 word case study examples to the book from your own experience.

Wednesday, 25th February 6pm at the 06 St. Chad’s Place – 6 St. Chad’s Place, London, WC1 9HH

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