Client Design Advising

Six Cylinder’s unique perspective on energy efficiency in buildings picks up where most professional consultants leave off – after the handover of the building. This gives us a unique insight into the actual energy behaviour of buildings, and how it can be better assured. This knowledge is an asset in advising clients and project teams, and helping to de-risk projects and buildings from in-use failures, performance shortfalls and unintended consequences.

Client design advisors are best employed at the very beginning of a project and can aid in a range of tasks.

  • Developing the design brief by articulating the clients’ needs and priorities and setting realistic performance targets
  • Supporting the client in making informed decisions throughout the design process and understanding the risks and benefits of various strategies and technologies, by providing independent technical advice
  • Anticipating management and utility costs for the business plan
  • Appraising options in design, to get the best value for money
  • Advising on developing consultant briefs, project team scopes and tendering processes to get the right people going the right jobs
  • Ensuring that clients understand the limitations of design simulations and assumptions