Podcasts and Presentations

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

Low Carbon Learning journey, this presentation will show the practical approaches of doing a low-energy retrofit of a domestic Glaswegian tenement property. The presentation will show a variety of techniques and approaches which address the specific materiality and geometry and maintenance issues that are inherent to these unique Scottish properties.

Loco Homes

Making homes more energy efficient through insulation and air tightness can give superior comfort levels while also cutting carbon and bills. However, traditional solid-walled buildings present particular challenges. Lisa Pasquale will show how superior comfort can be achieved on a modest budget with appropriate insulation materials and careful draught-proofing.

Zero Ambitions Podcast

Lisa is one of the most experienced building performance consultants working in the UK. She has extensive knowledge of in-use building operation and management, building physics, low-energy services, and fabric design for new build and retrofits domestic and non-domestic buildings. 

She takes an evidence-based approach to building performance and is an expert in built environment research, technical risk management and post-occupancy evaluation. 

We spoke to Lisa about PAS 2035, how it can be improved, and some of the projects she has been evaluating over the last few years. 

Through our discussion with Lisa, it’s clear that if we’re to meet our climate change objectives and decarbonise our homes, we need to understand the lessons of the past so as not to repeat them in the future. Evaluation is critical, and as a wise man once said, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 

SHDF Ensuring Compliance for Installers, Contractors and Suppliers | SHRA Masterclass

A session with RetrofitWorks’ Lisa Pasquale which covers SHDF and ensuring compliance for installers, contractors and suppliers.

Monitoring and Evaluation

A session with RetrofitWorks’ Lisa Pasquale for anyone seeking to develop a robust monitoring or post-occupancy evaluation strategy.

PAS2035 Compliance

A session with RetrofitWorks’ Lisa Pasquale which addresses the role of best practice in terms of PAS 2035 – vital for successful retrofit projects.