Steel Frame Bicycle Refurbishment

After 18 years of loyal service across five countries, Binks (my 1997 Steel Frame LeMond) has earned a full blown makeover…

946244_870120868816_1139801743_n (1)


IMG_0604  The work begins….

IMG_0605I used to work at Goodale’s Bike Shop, when I was a teenager and first bought my bike. It looks like one of the lads who built it up for me, left me hugs and kisses on the handlebars… XOXOXO

IMG_0606 Slowly coming apart…

IMG_1389Paint Stripping

IMG_1394Frame repairs

IMG_1393Bent seat stay, courtesy of a teenage driver…

IMG_1469Why the steering was gooey…

IMG_147118 years of grime, removed and ready to be made into a necklace pendant

IMG_1472Packed and ready to ship to Rourke Cycles for some frame repairs and a new paint job

IMG_0610The new paint

IMG_1390New Components

IMG_1397New 1″ Threaded Chris King headset

IMG_1479New Cinelli Criterium handlebars (40cm)… sadly, no hugs and kisses on this one!

IMG_1480Retro Cinelli Quill Stem

IMG_1478Cinelli head badge and Seat tube transfers

11102773_10100258871032346_7065795958229949592_nNewest output from the rebuild, courtesy of Brazen Studios


Cinelli stem and handlebars with the new Shimano levers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.55.21

Cinelli head crest

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.55.25

Made in Italy Cinelli decal on the fade

 Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.15.34

Top tube…


Cinelli Criterium


The preparations have begun

IMG_1720 (1)

And… she’s back! Paint job, courtesy of Rourke Framesets.


Surley Seat clamp


Cabling geting sorted


New wheels, from Big Al, at Wheelcraft


95% Complete, just need the pedals installed and the mechanics double-checked…


And…. DONE!

(Ok, the track handlebars look a little bit silly, but other than that she’s gorgeous and she rides like butter!!)