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Soft Landings is a process by which the end-use effectiveness and efficiency of the building is managed proactively throughout the delivery process. It aims to keep the focus of the design and construction efforts on the outcomes of the building (occupant satisfaction, energy performance, etc.) as opposed to the outputs of the construction project (walls, roofs and commissioned systems).

Soft Landings helps to manage the risk of in-use performance failures from technical, facilities management, occupant and functionality perspectives. This process helps to close the Performance Gap between design intentions and delivered results, and ensure that building performance and client objectives are met in the final project outcomes.

Six Cylinder Limited has partnered with Performance Consultancy Ltd to offer a unique Soft Landings service, by managing four key elements of a project.

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Risk RegisterIn-Use Risk Register Helps team avoid repeating known mistakes such as setting misinformed performance targets and specifying overly complex sustainability or operational strategies. This stems from foresight into how buildings encounter performance, functionality and operational problems and embeds learning from past evaluations into current projects.

BandE PlanBuilding and Energy Management Plan articulates the client’s intended management strategy. It’s defined before the technical design to inform the design team’s specification and strategies. This ensures the building is manageable and fit-for-purpose and that the technologies align to management requirements.

HandoverAftercareHandover and Aftercare Strategy
is a critical element of any Soft Landings process. This reduces the risk of a disorganised handover and move-in process, which can impact on performance. The plan ensures a proper induction, migration planning, commissioning and handover process is planned and agreed. It helps create a smooth transition from the construction team to the building users so the occupants get the most out of their building from day one.

POEPost Occupancy Evaluation
provides for extended aftercare by an independent evaluator. This is aimed to support the FM and Contractor to enable the building to settle-in and inform seasonal commissioning. The post-occupancy evaluation helps manage utility costs, increase effectiveness of use, improve occupant satisfaction and provide invaluable feedback to the project team. (POE is sometimes known as Building Performance Evaluation)

These key four elements combine to create Six Cylinder and Performance Consultancy’s joint Soft Landings approach. Contact us for more information.


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